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Commercial Laundry, Linen, & Towel Cleaning Services near Orange County California, Stanton, Garden Grove, and Stanton

Do you own a business that generates dirty laundry? Don't waste your resources by doing that laundry yourself. You have enough on your plate. Let our commercial laundry service do it for you. We will come to you as often as you need us. We will pick up your laundry, wash, dry and fold it to your specifications and then return it to you clean and fresh. We will work with your busy schedule to get the job done.

The laundry service cost depends on how much laundry you generate, how often you require our service, and what type of laundry it is. Call for a bid: (855) 4washandfold or email:

Commercial Laundry and Linen Cleaning Service for Medical Clinics, Rehab Facilities, and Group Homes

Medical facilities are held to a higher cleanliness standard then most businesses. When you use our medical laundry service, we will make sure that your laundry meets those high standards. We will wash everything that you need laundered - scrubs, sheets, uniforms, gowns, patient's laundry. And we will work with whatever type of medical facility that you run- hospitals, clinics, dentist offices, chiropractic offices, massage therapy, nursing homes, assisted living and rehab facilities. Our laundromat is equipped with a UV Laundry System that cleans and sanitizes your laundry better then bleach.

Commercial Laundry and Linen Cleaning Service for Airbnbs, Bed & Breakfasts, and Long-Term Rentals

If you run an Airbnb or other type of rental property, then you are doing laundry constantly. Use our airbnb laundry service and we will take care of everything for you. We will pick up all of your dirty laundry, whether it is towels, sheets, comforters or more and we will bring them back to you clean and ready for use. We can come to you as often as you need us.

Commercial Laundry and Towel Cleaning Service for Spas, Salons and Gyms

Spas and gyms deal with a lot of towels. And those towels can get some challenging stains, everything from sweat to nail polish. Let us take care of those towels for you. Our towel cleaning experts will work hard to make them look like new again and smelling fresh!

Commercial Laundry and Towel and Linen Cleaning Service for Restaurants and Caterers

Whenever there is food involved, there are spills and stains. It doesn't matter if you own a five-star restaurant or a mom-and-pop diner, there is always laundry to be done. When you use our restaurant laundry service, we will wash all of your tablecloths, linen napkins, aprons, uniforms and more. You already have plenty to worry about, let us take care of your laundry.

Commercial Laundry and Towel and Linen Cleaning Service for Hotels and Motels

When you run a motel or a hotel you are always doing laundry. Most of the time, everything in a hotel room needs to be washed every single day. Instead of taxing your own equipment, let us do it for you. Our linen cleaning service will laundry whatever you need - sheets, towels, area rugs, blankets and more. We have industrial sized machines so we can get your laundry done faster and more efficiently.